VA Clinic Decorate the Door 2020

The VA clinic had an idea to create an environment of friendly competition. Several people in the clinic chose to decorate a door. I wanted to be involved with the rest of the clinic. However, I didn’t feel that I was going to have the time to do it. Karen decided to help me by hand creating the door decoration.

She started with a serving platter as the basis of her planet earth. She then put the blue burlap around the platter with a hot glue gun. She then cut open a pillow and stuffed the inside of the burlap with pillow guts. She added some lights to the inside of the planet that were battery powered. She made the continents out of twirled piece of paper. It turned out awesome.

Decorate the Door at the VA 2020
Karen with her door.

Tanking in Mullen Nebraska August 2020

On the river!

I would like to think that this is our Nebraska annual fun time.

I just love to float and play in the water.

I wear long sleeves so I don’t have to wear sunscreen in those places.

The kids bus to the river.
The back road to the parking area!
The drivers going in the Van to the start point.
Before we go Shot!
Our chariot!
Tanking in Nebraska
Some cool areas!
Kyan being awesome!
Syrena going to the mothership.
Going for a land break!
My sister hanging out in Nebraska
Pano of our stop off point for fun!
The kids bringing up the rear!

A fishing journey in Nebraska.

Our tackle.

So I have worked understand why fishing is so big for certain people. I feel that there is an attachment to being able to feed your family from your own labor. It is the same concept of farming.

I definitely felt some enjoyment from this opportunity to fish with my family and friends. I hope to do this more often.

Kyan caught his first fish.