Thanksgiving in Maryland (Monday)

Today we played in the woods around our air bnb rental. The weather is beautiful. The air smelled slightly wet because of the pond. The tree leaves and branches were down everywhere.

our Airbnb rental house. We’re staying on the top floor.

The dock on the side of the Airbnb rental.

We initially played tag had and go seek. I was out first I was able to capture all three of the children. Serena attempted to lose me in the forest of thorns. She was unaware of my resilience with thorns. I sprinted through the brush and captured her.

The forest where the hide and seek tag started at.

More hide and seek forest pictures.

So, after we were done with the hide and seek, the kids decided to go on a expedition of their own. However, they soon found some difficulties. Before leaving, Syrena packed a bag with first aid supplies, water and some snacks. My and and Syrafina came along but did not pack their own bags.

I watch them leave over the hill going towards the forest. I was concerned about it being hunting season and my children being safe in the woods.

The expedition staging area.

Shortly after they left on their expedition, I started playing on the switch. My game of Zelda was going well until I heard a boy shout for daddy. It sounded like a yell of worry and less of a life-threatened yell. I got up and started jogging towards the children. I called Syrena on the phone and she told me that her and Kyan had lost their shoes and that she was bleeding. She told me this in a very matter-of-fact tone that was reassuring. I continued jogging in the direction that I last saw them heading into the woods at.

The location of the crime.

Syrafina crossing into swamp.

Syrafina crossing the muddy swamp.

When I made it over the hill I discovered that the kids were stuck in a swamp. They had both lost their shoes. Syrena had a bleeding leg that was covered in mud.

Syrena and the bloody leg.

Our next step for the day was going to the outlet mall to get replacement shoes. I sat in the car barefoot as Karen went in and picked out some shoes for me. She ended up picking out a brand that I always like to wear so it worked out fantastic.

I’m next step was to go to the national harbor to see the ice exhibit at the Gaylord convention center.This is the first time for all of us. Grandad came with us to enjoy the exhibit.

Kyra petting the sheep.

We decided to head over to the harbor side stores. We went to the America store and the kids were able to get some swag. We also posed in front of the White House Stand.

We ended the day by visiting Karen’s cousin Jesse and his children. They all appear to be doing well. We however did not take any photographs of this get together. We headed back home across the bridge and went to bed immediately.

Karen leaving to Washington.

So, The matriarch of the family is leaving to go to Washington DC again. She is taking our daughter Syrafina to have her eyes evaluated. She has a disease called Brown’s syndrome. This has required her to have 1 surgery already. She was unable to look straight when she was born without getting blurry vision. She was treated by a Dr. in San Antonio, Texas named Dr. McCash.

We are going to miss you guys while your gone!

Love you tons!

Christian in San Angelo

I was able to visit Christian and his tech school. He’s going to be changing his job from fire fighting to something unknown at this point. We had a great time celebrating his 20th birthday. We were able to go to see the movie Joker. We also had the opportunity to go to a comic con in the local town. It was overall a great weekend. We played some virtual reality. We played a game of Shanghai. We played a couple games of Catan.

Christian killing his virtual reality on

Christians dormitory

Atkinson Fun Times July

So we have tons of fun staying at an Airbnb in Stuart Nebraska. We were joined by and Jenny and Sophia. The house had been an old convent that is stopping used by the church in the 80s. The teachers for the local Catholic school live in this house. I heard a story about how people in the local town used to get piano lessons done with the sisters and then never actually been

Carlsens do DC

Kyra a conference and we traveled to DC to celebrate Karen’s grandad’s 95th birthday. He is a very inspiring active 95-year-old man. He is a WWII veteran and still very active. He pinned me when I became an officer in the Air Force along with my son Christian.  It was a great trip and awesome to reconnect with family.

Cracker Barrel checkers fun.

Mama making her orzo pasta…YUM YUM

Granddad’s car

Kyan being funny

Kyra learning how to play Shanghai.

Happy Birthday Granddad

Kyra enjoying her conference.