Bunny Cages

So, the bunnies were at Geegee’s house and a great Nebraska wind blew. This caused the cage to tip over and crack apart. Time for a new cage. We could buy a cage for 140 dollars or build one for less. So here is the result.

Halloween 2018

So as a family we decided to do a Dr. Who themed Halloween. There were so many options for Dr. Who characters. We ended up deciding on a tardis, a dalek, a weeping angel and the 10th and 11th doctor. This was my first experience creating a costume myself!


Working in Atkinson has several perks. One of them is the ability to hang out with my family.  I am working and playing. A new skating ring opened up in Stuart Nebraska. They converted an old gas station to a mini skating ring. I had not roller skated in several years. It was very difficult […]